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Singapore SME Tax Consultancy, Tax Filing & Tax Advisory Services - According to the statutory requirements of Singapore Income Tax Act, all incorporated companies are required to submit annual tax return and Form C to Comptroller of Income Tax.

Koh Management helps ensure that our clients comply with these requirements and minimize the possibilities late submission penalties through corporate tax computation & submission services Singapore.

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Tax planning can be important to most companies through our Singapore Tax Advisory Services as tax laws can change every few years and to fully take advantage of the tax breaks or advantages given, it might allow entrepreneurs to save up on certain tax amounts which can be reinvested into the company or returned shareholders.

Making some simple Tax Planning to your business or personal tax plans can help you save a lot more than you would expect through our Tax Consultancy Services Singapore. 


Having 30 years in the industry our chief consultant, Mr Koh Swee Hock is a certified Tax practitioner who can assist you with tax advisory as well as tax planning services & tax consultancy services. 

 We provide the following corporate taxation computation & filing/submission services:

  • Company and personal tax compliance

  • Preparation of tax return for Individuals, Sole proprietorship for Comptroller of Income Tax Submission

  • Preparation of tax return for Partnerships for Comptroller of Income Tax Submission

  • Preparation of Company tax return for Comptroller of Income Tax Submission

  • Filing of estimated chargeable income

  • Applicable tax incentives advisement

  • GST registration with Comptroller of GST (a Company is required to register for GST purposes when you hit $1 Million in revenue for the 12 months period preceding the registration)

  • Preparation and submission of GST returns on a quarterly basis (we can assist with the registration and quarterly submission of GST filings)

Key Points on Singapore Corporate Income Tax:

1. Singapore Corporate Tax Rate

A company is taxed at 17% flat rate on its chargeable income regardless of whether the company is a local or foreign company.

2. Newly Registered Companies enjoy tax exemption

From YA2020 onwards, newly registered companies can enjoy 75% tax exemption on the first $100,000 chargeable income for the initial 3 years. And 50% tax exemption on the next $100,000.

3.  Tax exemptions conditions:

A private company registered in Singapore.

Has less than 20 individual shareholders and one shareholder hold minimum 10% of the ordinary shares issued of the company.

In that year of assessment, the company is considered as Singapore tax resident.

4.  Singapore has no capital gain tax

5. Income tax is paid by a company on its chargeable income

There is no tax on dividend payment.

6.  A company is Singapore Resident for tax purposes when:

Board meetings take place in Singapore

Manage and control are exercised in Singapore

CALL +65 98638665 if you need a quote or EMAIL


If you require Tax Planning help, we will be able to sit down with you to work out a simple plan to take advantage of the tax arrangements in Singapore that can help you save on taxation in the long run. Tax Consultancy for corporate and personal needs are available at Koh Management.


We also work closely with highly trained tax consultants to provide our clients with high quality tax advisory and tax consultancy work beyond your yearly tax computation and submission work. Remember that to plan your taxes is a legal means to help you reduce your tax burden. 

Koh Management also offers Singapore Tax advisory services for individuals and corporate that wish to have a proper structure for their tax submission needs. Tax planning is part of the many methods to help you save on taxes by maximizing legal tax benefits given to you by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. 

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Tel:  (65) 9863 8665

Fax:  (65) 6256 9685 

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