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Affordable Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services for SMEs - According to the Singapore Companies Act, every newly incorporated company in Singapore is required to appoint a Company Secretary within 6 months (from incorporation date). A qualified Corporate Secretarial Firm in Singapore can assign someone that is qualified to act as this role for your Singapore Company.

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Koh Management has the capabilities to provide our clients with holistic support services that ensures our clients comply with the Act. With almost 40 years of experience, our company is an approved corporate secretarial services company by ACRA Singapore. Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services are provided to SMEs and Startups in Singapore for those who cannot afford to hire a full-time corporate secretarial executive in house to settle their internal corporate secretarial work. As a Singapore Secretarial Firm, we are qualified and experienced in dealing with SMEs and Startups from various industries and sizes.

Work closely with us so that you have all your requirements by ACRA done up with us and done on time for your business submissions, we have corporate secretaries with more than 10 years of work experience that can help you solve your problems.

Our experienced and qualified team assists companies in maintaining proper corporate secretarial records while providing consulting guidelines to help streamline their business practices, assisting entrepreneurs with statutory updates and submission and providing tailored remainders and support for all business needs. "

Koh Management Pte Ltd as a company secretary assist clients of all size from a few man team to Singapore SME 500 firms.

We are keen to hear of your corporate needs and also to assist in answering any questions you may have about your business and also the governance of your business needs. The corporate secretary duty are also to maintain good governance systems for the company they serve in.
We provide the following corporate secretarial services:

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  1. Provision of Nominee Corporate Secretary 

  2. Corporate Governance compliance deadlines and procedures

  3. Statutory filing compliance to ACRA

  4. Keeping proper secretarial record

  5. Preparation of annual report in XBRL format 

  6. Reminders of Annual report filing and other governance deadlines

  7. Striking off of a company

  8. Documenting resolutions to lodge changes with ACRA

  9. Preparation of Annual General Meeting and submission of Annual Return to ACRA

  10. Board of Directors meeting documents and preparation work

As the Company Secretary of your company,

the role of Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore of a Company is as follows:

Registers Books (Statutory)

Register books belongs to the company and are well kept by the Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services Provider, the items in the books include:

  • Transfer and issue of shares by shareholders

  • The appointments of new officers

  • The resignation or death of officers

  • Filing signed board resolutions and AGM, EGM minutes

Filing to ACRA all changes

Filing of changes to ACRA is done by the corporate secretary on the instructions of the directors

  • Death/Appointing/Resigning of any officers

  • Making of changes to the Memorandum & Articles of Associations

  • Filing of annual returns before due date

  • Allotment of new shares and transfer of shares

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

  • Circulation Audited or Non-Audited Financial Report to members of the company

  • Preparation of AGM agenda, attending of meetings and taking minutes

  • Informing all shareholders and directors of upcoming meetings

  • Filing of Annual Return to ACRA

Compliance before due dates

  • Our Corporate Secretaries will remind you before the due date of your compliance deadlines

Annual Return Filing Services

  • Our Corporate Secretaries will also assist with the filing of annual return of your company before the due dates to ensure smooth running of your business.

  • Making proper and complete submissions is the duty of the Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services Provider

CALL +65 98638665 if you need a quote or Email

What is a Corporate Secretary?


A corporate secretary is a senior position within a company or organisation, typically responsible for coordinating and managing the administrative activities of the board of directors and providing support to senior executives. The corporate secretary is often seen as the link between the board of directors and management, and as such, plays a vital role in ensuring effective communication and coordination between these two groups.


The corporate secretary is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including maintaining meeting minutes, preparing agendas, coordinating communication between the board and management, handling shareholder correspondence, and keeping track of important company documents. In addition to these duties, the corporate secretary may also be required to provide legal advice on various matters relating to the company's operations.


The corporate secretary position is a key role in ensuring the smooth running of a company or organisation. As such, it is important that the individual in this position has excellent organisational skills and is able to effectively communicate with both the board of directors and management.

Choose Koh Management for your Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services needs today!

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What are corporate secretarial services?

    • Corporate secretarial services involve ensuring that your company complies with all statutory requirements and regulations in Singapore. Our affordable corporate secretarial services include maintaining statutory books, filing annual returns, and ensuring that your company adheres to the Companies Act.

  2. Why does my company need a corporate secretary in Singapore?

    • In Singapore, it is a legal requirement for every company to appoint a corporate secretary within six months of incorporation. The corporate secretary plays a crucial role in ensuring that your company complies with all statutory requirements, helping to avoid potential fines and penalties.

  3. What qualifications does your corporate secretary have?

    • Our corporate secretaries are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in corporate governance and compliance. They hold relevant qualifications and are well-versed in Singapore’s corporate laws and regulations.

Services and Support

  1. What specific services do you provide as part of corporate secretarial services?

    • Our comprehensive range of affordable corporate secretarial services includes maintaining statutory registers, preparing board and shareholder resolutions, filing annual returns, and providing advice on corporate governance matters.

  2. How do you ensure compliance with Singapore’s corporate laws?

    • We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Singapore’s corporate laws and regulations. Our team conducts regular compliance audits for our clients to ensure that all statutory requirements are met.

Pricing and Payment

  1. How do you charge for your corporate secretarial services?

    • Our pricing is transparent and competitive. We offer various packages to suit the diverse needs of our clients, ranging from basic compliance services to comprehensive corporate governance support.

  2. Are there any additional charges for filing statutory documents?

    • Our service packages cover the filing of standard statutory documents. Any additional filings or complex transactions may incur additional charges, which will be communicated transparently upfront.

  3. What payment methods do you accept?

    • We accept a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, cheques, and major credit cards.

Communication and Support

  1. How often will you update me on my company’s compliance status?

    • We provide regular updates on your company’s compliance status and will notify you promptly of any actions required to maintain compliance.

  2. What is the best way to contact you for support?

    • You can reach us via phone, email, or through our website’s contact form. Our dedicated team is committed to providing timely and efficient support. We are also reachable by WhatsApp, service is very important to our company and we wish to provide a good experience to our clients.


  1. Can you provide references from other clients?

    • Yes, we are happy to provide references from our existing clients who have benefited from our corporate secretarial services. Koh Management is acting as company secretary to companies like AsiaGroup, Lam Kee Fisheries and many more other businesses.

  2. What sets your corporate secretarial services apart from others?

    • Our commitment to excellence, our deep understanding of Singapore’s corporate regulatory environment, and our personalized approach to client service set us apart.

  3. Do you offer any additional services for businesses in Singapore?

    • In addition to affordable corporate secretarial services, we offer a range of business support services including accounting, tax advisory, and business consulting to help your company thrive in Singapore.

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