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Singapore Company Incorporation Services & Business Registration

Koh Management specializes in local Singapore company registration & Singapore incorporation services. Having been in the field for more than 30 years, Koh Management has built a reputable image amongst the local accounting firm.

We help streamline the paperwork and company registration hassle for you. With the provision of our high quality and efficient service, you can start and begin running your business with a peace of mind and knowing that you have high quality professionals assisting you with your businesses.

A company is a separate legal entity to its owners and thus should be the best form of business entity to manage any business dealings and also protects the assets important to their owners. Companies are also a more organized manner of business and thus will require some professional attention on the administration and accounting. 

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When it comes to a young person or someone who is not familiar with the workings of a private limited company, we would recommend that they use our services to have a piece of mind in the advice we give and also making sure that documentations are done up properly and protects the shareholders of the company. Having a qualified company to do the incorporation for your business also allows you to have more protection for your company as compared to the standard Memorandums that ACRA provides for you. 

Schedule a meeting with us to find out more about our Company Registration Services packages. We have customer service representatives who are keen to discuss with you your needs and also be able to tailor services that suit your budget as well as time frame , so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call +65 62569663 !


We provide the following Singapore incorporation services

/ Singapore Company registration services:

  • Incorporation of a Local Business

  • Singapore Private Limited Company by shares

  • Limited Liability Partnership

  • Sole Proprietorship

 Why you should engage someone to carry out a Singapore company registration process for you:

  1. To ensure that your M&AA and relevant documents are prepared in a proper manner (protecting shareholders and directors)

  2. Ensuring all paper documentations are done up properly so that any disputes can be resolved with signed documents

  3. Ensure that all compliance requirements are met 

Information that we will require to assist you in your company registration in Singapore:

  1. Min. 1 Resident Director

  2. Min. 1 Shareholder, Max. 50 shareholders

  3. Min. 1 Company Secretary

  4. Min. Paid up capital of $1

  5. Singapore registered office address

  6. Desirable Company Name (we will be able to assist you with names that you could not use due to government barring)

Let us assist you with the following services, we are also able to assist you through your company management journey , contact us to find out more!


What are some of the documents that you require for you to start on the process of your business:

1. Company name 

You will be required to have a company name which is not too close or too similar to any existing companies. There are also restriction on certain names such as Temasek, Singapore etc. So do note on the choice of your company as not all names are available, also you might also want to just be sure that the urls are available for use when you want to register your company url ! You wont have to register a company name that you cant use the url for!

2. Business Activity

What is your business primarily dealing in? This list can be referred from the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code (SSIC) , you can use it to define what your business is going to be working on and record it when you incorporate your company, you can have a maximum of two in your business profile.

3. Shareholding of the company

You will need to decide, (if you have more than 1 shareholders) , how many shares each person will have, of which the percentage will be based on the shareholding and the amount of total shares issued. Do note that the minimum is $1 for paid up capital.

4. Director Details and Contact

Directors have fiduciary duties and they should be persons of good financial standings (eg. not undischarged bankrupt).

5Shareholders Details and Contact

Shareholders are the legal owners of the business, so their details are required to be kept with the company’s records.

6. Registered Address

This will be where all the official mails will be mailed to. Business can choose to use registered addresses of other companies or their secretarial office for safekeeping.















When incoporation is completed, the company will be issued the following:

1. Company Business Profile

The company business profile will include the Unique Entity Number (UEN) which companies can use to start doing business. The document also includes the company name, registration date, paid up capital, registered address, details of shareholders and directors.

2. First Board Resolution 

This resolution is to appoint the shareholders and directors

3. Bank Account opening resolution

This is used for account opening purposes, some banks may not require this.

This to pay attention to for the post registration period:

1. Annual Return filing

Companies must file annual return one month after AGM

2. Annual General meeting (AGM)

All companies must hold its AGM every calendar year, during the AGM , shareholders will approve the financial statements and discuss matter with regards to the Financial statements of the company

3. Tax Filing

Tax is filed to IRAS. The deadline for filing corporate tax is November 30.


Bank Account Opening

We work closely with many banks and we can assist you with this process. We will be able to assist with resolutions that the bank might need. Also to receive the M&AA from us to provide to the bank for update usage and opening of new account after you are done with your Singapore Incorporation Services steps.

If you have questions on how best to structure your new business and is also wondering how to get your shareholding organized, you could schedule a consultation session with our consultants first before you start your company incorporation process. We look forward to working closely with you to achieve your business growth. 


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