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Renting an office in Singapore or hoping to find a nice location in town so that you can start up on your entrepreneurial dream? Singapore is one of the best place to do business and renting in the area is not easy and not cheap, you will need a reliable and honest agent to help you find your way around the different kinds of office or commercial space and locate the best space for your business.

With the recent inclusion of more office space in the downtown core area, office in the Shenton WayRobinson Road and Tanjong Pagar regions are priced at a very competitive and comfortable range for most business owners.


What’s better than to have a nice prestigious address for your business and a nice office space for your clients to meet you in comfort.

There will be even more launches in the upcoming months in 2018, prices are look set to maintain at a very competitive rate for businesses who would like to have their presence in the heart of the business district. One could expect better corporate image for their businesses and be able to command higher prices for the prestige. There are many reasons to find someone reliable to help you with the search because of the different tenures, different zoning, budgets that you have to watch out for, floor space requirements and many other questions that you as a first time business owner or as a multiple business owner might miss out on. Recent news also suggest that there are great interest for office locations in Singapore:

Or are you looking to relocate to Singapore and need a good branch location? Need to face the sea or face the city? These are the kinds of requirements that we can assist you with.

Our dedicated office rental agent friends are:

1. Reliable

2. Quick Response

3. Professionals in the field

4. Understand the law and are highly qualified

Koh Management works with very dedicated agents specializing in office rental and sale who are familiar with the market and knows the best locations to best fit your requirements and budget to deliver the value for money solutions.


Getting a good rental unit in Singapore CBD area can mean a good business front and also gives you credibility, Office Rental Services in Singapore for you through a good agent is important, Koh Management can help you do that link and support you through the journey.

The associates we work with are also familiar with relocation and other related services so if you are keen to find out more you can drop us a call or a text and we can link you up with the necessary provider. Koh Management Singapore is also able to help you with your corporate services such as accounting, incorporation, corporate secretarial and SEO/Web Design services, contact us to find out more now.

Rent office through Koh Management Office Rental associates today. Call 9863 8665 to find out more about Office Rental in Singapore! 

If you require help with settling some of your expat members of your company, we can work that out with you as well. 

18 Sin Ming Lane #07-01 Singapore 573960

Tel:  (65) 9863 8665

Fax:  (65) 6256 9685 

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