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Koh Management also specialises in Payroll & Human resource outsourcing Services with partnerships with Payroll Services software providers.


 Our Service is professional, affordable and reliable for all companies in Singapore.

Koh Management uses up to date software and latest internet technology.

Our Singapore Payroll Services improve compliance and drives toward comprehensive human capital management, a much needed tool in the 21st century.

Under the new rules as per 1st April 2016, all employers are supposed to prepare itemized payslips for their employees, find the relevant laws from MOM website, the following are the requirements:

No.                                                                                                     Item

1                                                                                        Full name of employer.

2                                                                                        Full name of employee.

3                                           Date of payment (or dates, if the pay slips consolidates multiple payments).

                                                                                                   Basic salary


4                                               For hourly, daily or piece-rated workers, indicate all of the following:

                                                                               Basic rate of pay, e.g. $X per hour.

                                                       Total number of hours or days worked or pieces produced.

5                                                                           Start and end date of salary period.

                                                                       Allowances paid for salary period, such as:


                                                                             All fixed allowances, e.g. transport.

6                                                             All ad-hoc allowances, e.g. one-off uniform allowance.

                                                      Any other additional payment for each salary period, such as:


7                                                                                                Rest day pay

                                                                                            Public holiday pay

                                                               Deductions made for each salary period, such as:


                                                         All fixed deductions (e.g. employee’s CPF contribution).

8                                           All ad-hoc deductions (e.g. deductions for no-pay leave, absence from work).

9                                                                                   Overtime hours worked.

10                                                                                            Overtime pay.

11                  Start and end date of overtime payment period (if different from item 5 start and end date of salary period).

12                                                                                       Net salary paid in total.

With the recent requirements for staff payroll to be digitally optimized with printer payslips and having a few government requirements, it would either take a company a payroll software to self generate payroll or it would be more efficient for you to outsource it to companies like ours.

The process of outsourcing can be easy and you will be able to save time and effort that can be used to generate more income for your business.  

With our accounting and corporate services background and also having a payroll background of 20 years, we are positioned to provide high quality Singapore payroll services with a strong attention to details especially for accounting. This sets us apart by being an all in one company that is able to assist you to complete all your compliance requirements and also to assist you in your management needs. 

As one of the leading business payroll outsourcing partner for Singapore SME firms. We are proud to be of service to your company to lower your cost in terms of manpower and giving the main partners of the business more time to run the business. 

As a business owner, we always encourage people like yourself to focus on your core business processes such as sales and marketing to grow your company and leave the administrative work to us!

Koh Management provides the following Singapore Payroll Services:

  • Online software to calculate employees’s salary and statutory tax deductions.

  •  Processing of pay to employees and statutory local authorities on scheduled time.

  •  Calculation of final payment upon termination of employees

  •  Preparation of annual income Tax Forms (IR8A) to employees

What You Need To Do Every Pay Cycle:

  1. Send email instructions to us to inform us about your changes, new hirer, resigned employees.

  2. Approve our monthly list, bank transfer letter and summary reports.

Why Koh Management Singapore Payroll Outsourcing Services?

Because we provide you with:

  • Greater productivity, efficiency and revenue

  • Hassle free data entry, matching and updating

  • Real time management detailed reports

  • Reduced operating costs after reviewing excessive overtime and claims

  • Reports on newly hired and resigned employees to design better training and career path

  • Free up time of managers to perform higher value work such as sales and marketing

  • Competitive rates for SME firms

Leave the administrative and payroll outsourcing services work to us while you focus on growing your business and let us use our expertise to give you tips and guides on running your business! Payroll Admin Services made easy! Save time and effort and focus on the growth of your business by working with Koh Management today!

7 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Complex
#02-04/04A/05 Singapore 089053

Tel:  (65) 6256 9663 

Fax:  (65) 6256 9685 

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