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What are some business networking groups to join in Singapore?

What are some business networking groups to join in Singapore? Write 1000 words


Joining business networking groups in Singapore can significantly enhance professional growth, foster valuable connections, and open doors to new opportunities. Here's a comprehensive guide to some of the prominent business networking groups in Singapore:

1. Singapore Business Network (SBN)

  • Overview: SBN focuses on connecting professionals across various industries through networking events, seminars, and business forums.

  • Benefits: Offers a platform for knowledge sharing, business referrals, and access to industry experts.

  • Membership: Open to professionals and entrepreneurs looking to expand their network locally and internationally.

2. Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI)

  • Overview: SCCI serves as a hub for business leaders, providing advocacy, networking opportunities, and business services.

  • Benefits: Access to business insights, government updates, and networking events tailored to different industries.

  • Membership: Ideal for businesses looking to navigate regulatory frameworks and expand their influence.

3. Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Singapore

  • Overview: EO is a global network exclusively for entrepreneurs, offering peer-to-peer learning, leadership development, and networking events.

  • Benefits: Access to a global network of entrepreneurs, learning opportunities through events and forums, and executive education programs.

  • Membership: Requires qualification as an entrepreneur with a minimum threshold of revenue or funding.

4. Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)

  • Overview: SICC supports international trade and business in Singapore, offering networking platforms, business advocacy, and trade facilitation services.

  • Benefits: Networking opportunities with multinational corporations, government agencies, and industry leaders.

  • Membership: Open to companies engaged in international business and trade-related activities.

5. Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI)

  • Overview: SMCCI promotes Malay businesses and entrepreneurs through networking events, business development programs, and advocacy.

  • Benefits: Access to a community focused on Malay business interests, networking opportunities, and business advisory services.

  • Membership: Welcomes Malay businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to connect and grow their networks.

6. The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore

  • Overview: A hub for British businesses in Singapore, offering networking events, business insights, and advocacy services.

  • Benefits: Access to a network of British and international businesses, industry-specific events, and business support services.

  • Membership: Open to British businesses and professionals seeking to expand their presence in Singapore.

7. Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI)

  • Overview: SCCCI supports Chinese businesses and professionals through networking events, business seminars, and trade promotion activities.

  • Benefits: Networking opportunities with Chinese and international businesses, business advocacy, and industry-specific resources.

  • Membership: Welcomes Chinese businesses and professionals aiming to strengthen their connections and business capabilities.

8. Women's Business Networks (e.g., Women Entrepreneurs Network, Women in Business Network)

  • Overview: Various networks cater specifically to women entrepreneurs and professionals, offering networking events, mentorship, and business development programs.

  • Benefits: Supportive environment for women in business, opportunities for mentorship, and access to a diverse network of female leaders.

  • Membership: Open to women entrepreneurs and professionals across different industries.

9. Industry-Specific Associations

  • Overview: Many industries have specific associations that offer networking opportunities, industry updates, and professional development.

  • Benefits: Tailored networking opportunities, industry-specific insights, and advocacy on industry issues.

  • Membership: Varied based on the industry, often open to companies and professionals within the sector.

10. Startup Grind Singapore

  • Overview: Part of a global community for startups, offering networking events, fireside chats with successful entrepreneurs, and pitch events.

  • Benefits: Connect with startup founders, investors, and mentors, gain insights into the startup ecosystem, and access global resources.

  • Membership: Ideal for startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build connections and learn from experienced peers.


Joining business networking groups in Singapore is a strategic move for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to expand their networks, gain industry insights, and explore new business opportunities. Each group offers unique benefits tailored to different needs, whether it's international trade, entrepreneurship, specific industry interests, or diversity-focused networks. By actively participating in these groups, members can leverage networking events, seminars, and business forums to foster meaningful connections and enhance their professional growth in the vibrant business landscape of Singapore.

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