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How to set up Tuition Centre in Singapore

How to set up Tuition Centre in Singapore

Are you keen on starting your very own tuition centre? We have also wrote a guide on how to set up a tuition agency in Singapore, you could read that to find out more as well.

Tuition is a very popular and profitable business in Singapore because of the strong focus on education by Asian families. Families are willing to spend quite a sum to ensure that their children are well ranked in school and this has led to an education boom. Also amongst the wealthy in South East Asia, parents will spend to send their children to Singapore to study and have tuition to keep them ahead of the group.

There are many tuition centre in Singapore and the competition is tough but one could still venture into this field if he has strong financial backing or the tutors behind the centre are strong in terms of presence.

So let's begin on our tuition centre business guide.

Step 1:  Location, Location, Location | How to set up tuition centre in Singapore

Location, Location, Location. Before you even want to consider doing anything about your tuition centre, you MUST find a good location where there is a concentration of school going children that you are targeting. There should also preferably be schools around the area since most students will tend to go to the schools near them and tuition centre near the vicinity.

Preferably somewhere visible would be great for brand building and also to excite interest of parents who do walk by. If you are located at a corner of the mall or somewhere off the road, it may not be that favourable for both the brand and the marketing value of the location. Some tuition centres choose bomb shelters at void decks, low cost and well positioned.

Always do your math, if you plan to use the locations in the shopping centres, remembers that the per square feet rental (PSF) can be more than $20 psf, your charges might have to double or triple from your HDB location prices.

Step 2: Branding and Naming | How to set up tuition centre in Singapore

What makes your centre different? What sets you apart from the rest? That will be something that every parent will have in mind before they decide to send their children to your centre for supplementary classes.

Many centre will boost MOE teachers, previous scholars, professors setting curriculum, doctors who are partners of the business. Whichever way the centre can set itself apart, it will try to show it.

If your centre or your previous work experience has produced a top scorer, it may be a good chance you will have good business.

Get a name that is easy to remember and easy to pronounce and share.

Step 3: Registration of business and CPE | How to set up tuition centre in Singapore

Before starting the business proper you will need a company, it is always preferred  to start a private limited firm to reduce liabilities that may come your way in future. Sole proprietor debts are personal debts and this may be an issue if any possible accidents happen in your centre and you have to cover the debts.

After registering for your business, you should go to the Online Business Licensing Services (OBLS) page to apply for a tuition centre license from the government.

Tuition Centres are regulated by the government closely and those who do not register are liable for fines and jail terms.

After filing with ACRA is done, you will have to also apply with the Council of Private Education (CPE) which is a body under the Ministry of Education. They ensure the quality and compliance to certain rules set out by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Below are some of the CPE requirements:

3.1 Registering company needs to be an entity registered with ACRA

That being said the documents that ACRA releases upon the successful incorporation of a company, eg. the business profile will need to be submitted to prove registration. The CPE will ensure that the names used are not close or similar to other centres to prevent confusion.

3.2 Inspection of premises to fit certain standards set forth by the CPE

There are basic safety standards that centres have to get approval from eg. from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to be used as a commercial school, and fire safety clearance from the Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FSSD) of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

When applying, you have to obtain the clearance from the relevant agencies before filing them

The use of the centre needs to have at least one fully enclosed classroom and dedicated administrative area as well.

Also unless permitted , the centre is not allowed to share premises with other business entities not related to private education.

There is also a formula for the number of students allowed in the space, you could find out more at CPE website.

3.3 Details of Managers of the School

Details of the managers also the directors of the school needs to be submitted , together with the teachers that are deployed for the course.

All the best with setting up your tuition centre!

How to set up Tuition Centre in Singapore | Singapore How to set up Tuition Centre | Tips on setting up tuition centre | Guide to set up tuition centre

How to set up Tuition Centre in Singapore

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