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How startups can benefit from outsourcing payroll services in Singapore

How startups can benefit from outsourcing payroll services in Singapore – Managing a startup anywhere in the world is tough. Most businesses do not get pass their first years and this is something that many business owners will come to get aware of as time goes by. Running a business is tough, running it alone is even tougher, we will share how external help can help you to improve the chances of success by that little bit that might tip the balance in your favor. 

Running a business will mean that you have to run quite a few things at one go. One you are expected to know how to market a business, be a good team leader, able to sell and able to do administration work. Most people will rather be focused on the selling parts because that’s where the revenue of the business will be coming from. And like most good salespeople, the idea of running day to day administration work is not only tiring and at the same time it takes a lot of effort to just complete simple administration work after doing sales work. This is something that many business owners have an issue with.

We will now explore why you should consider outsourcing administrative work and in particular payroll services in Singapore:


Time is money, that’s the age old saying that many people know. This is also something that many people do not realize. Because if you have the time to do what you do best which is sales. You can generate way more income for the company that will be great for paying the person you are trying to outsource to.

Focusing on growth is what sets your business apart from others. Watch your business well and you will go far with it. This is something that many people do not bother with. They think that since they have some free time on hand, might as well do administrative work. Without realizing that they could actually be going door to door to find the next sale!

Getting a company to do the payroll preparation services will also make sure you do not need to spend too much on just hiring someone to do your payroll work. A person whom you hire can cost you $2,000 or more and this can only be $250 per month if you outsource this work to a management services company.

Go do your door to door knocking, make the next phone call, go for your networking. This will definitely pay off from the time that you think you save while doing administration work instead of doing the selling.


Are you a payroll professional that monitors the changes that the government makes every year? This is something that most people are not and to have to manage so many things and still realizing that the law has changed is something most people can’t really do. Why not leave it to the professionals who do this for a living. The rates are monitored and changes are done up ever so often.

Being in the industry also means that our professionals do this computations on a daily basis. With changes comes familiarity and this will ensure no mistakes are made because there are people who will monitor and also people with great experience working on it.

Our professionals also use software that are verified by the authorities that ensures that the updates are done properly. This will ensure that you submit the best computations that are the most accurate and you will also be able to do it on time, fast and efficient.


When you have other priorities on hand such as sales, marketing or even branding, will you have time to settle your payroll? Something that many business owners do not realize is, being able to pay your staff on time will affect their morale and we should never owe or delay payment because most salaried workers depends on their salary to live their day by day lives.

We will make sure all the computations are done on time so that you can do the submissions to CPF and also to the bank to ensure deadlines are met and you are able to give them what you need as soon as possible. With the pay slips done up, you are also able to release this data to your stuff members on time.

Most staff members will be glad that their company is in great hands with on-time payment of salaries.

Richard Branson once said “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”.

At Koh Management, we believe in this mantra and quote and we are glad we are able to assist customers who believe so as well. This will allow them to build on the morale they have in the company and make sure payments are done on time to make sure everyone is happy to serve the customers who will pay you to solve their problems.

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