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How digital marketing can help you grow your business

How digital marketing can help you grow your business – There are many marketing methods out there that can help you grow your business and at the same time there are many companies out there that are trying to vie for the pie that is small in Singapore.

Older methods are not as effective anymore, gone are the times when many people sit in front of the television and consume information like they used to. Radio advertising has also gone south and when it comes to newspaper advertising, it has also been going downwards for many years.

The age of digital marketing is here and there are many means that you can take advantage of when you want to market to a certain type of customers. There are also many digital marketing strategies that you can take note of.

Digital marketing has been down to a few players and some of them are Google, Facebook, Instagram (owned by facebook), Youtube (owned by Google).

So what are the useful methods and why choose that method.

Google is great when it comes to targeting customers that are mainly B2B or corporate. This is through adwords advertising methods that you pay for a click or impression from people who search google. There is also the SEO method by providers like . Search Engine Optimization is great because the effects are great and the amount of returns can far outweigh those of people who are looking to invest a certain amount into their marketing efforts. Search engine optimization also lends good legitimacy to the business because of the impression of people who search google.

Facebook is great for companies that are looking to advertise to consumers directly. You get to choose who to target and their specific demographics and this is great when it comes to growing your customer and fan base. Facebook is also quite cost effective in the sense of using its methods to reach out to specific targets that will buy from you. B2B businesses are not that usefull when it comes to facebook.

Instagram is great when you want to reach out to the young. Young ones are very active on Instagram now and for those B2C companies, this avenue will be best to make sure you get to reach out to those that are below 35 years old. Instagram is also great for B2C companies.

Youtube is great for both B2C and B2B companies because of how you can target those who search on Google. Youtube also has videos that captures more attention of your customers.

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