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3 Productivity systems to grow your business

3 Productivity systems to grow your business

3 Productivity systems to grow your business - Growing a business is tough especially when you are the sole entrepreneur working to produce the best results for your business and not haven't time to cover the administrative portions of the business. Productivity hacks are great for the business but nothing beats using computer or app systems that can help you to improve your productivity even more.   So Koh Management has 3 systems that we would like to encourage startups to use when they are building their business and below are the three systems that we recommend.

Payroll Software When it comes to managing employees and preparing for their payroll and payslips, it takes up too much administrative time that could be better used elsewhere such as sales and marketing. When you are working through the step by step payroll portions like checking their leaves or going through their claims, this whole process can be better managed with high quality payroll software systems that can help you to save time. This systems can also be used by a professional payroll services provider so that you do not need to even worry about working on the software itself. Both are great productivity hacks that startups can employ and help you to grow your business while having the back end covered Accounting Software Do you issue your quotes and invoices from Microsoft Words or Excel? Do you find it difficult for you to keep track of whether you have done your invoicing and when you should start chasing for payment from your late paying customers? Accounting sotwares can cover both the invoicing and quoting and also assist to keep track wiht payments.

If you are familiar with the bookkeeping process itself you could also save some money on the go by doing your bookkeeping yourself. And since you are sending out invoices using the system, you will save time entering income data by just using your accounting system for the work that you might have to outsource to cover for the work for reporting

CRM Software

Its always great to use a CRM system to keep track of your customers and who they are and what are the process that you have carried out for the following up or closing process. You might be someone with quite a few leads hanging and this leads will go no where if you do not actively pursue and follow up with this customers. 

Having a CRM system in place helps you to make sure you do not miss them out and therefore are able to keep track and close that deal with ease.

If you are keen to find out more about the above three systems, do call us up for some consultancy and assistance.

3 Productivity systems to grow your business

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