Xero Cloud Accounting Firm & Accounting Services Singapore

Xero Cloud Accounting Firm & Accounting Services Singapore Using Xero Accounting Software

Xero Cloud Accounting Firm & Accounting Services Singapore – Koh Management will be offering a different system of accounting and corporate secretarial services for startup businesses that require affordable and timely accounting services through the XERO Accounting Software. Koh Management is a 30 year old company with professionals that can assist your business in Accounting Services, Corporate Secretarial Services, Payroll Services and Company incorporation Services. 

Xero Cloud Accounting Firm & Accounting Services Singapore

Xero Accounting Software Features

1. Knowing your cashflow figures when you need it

With your own personal account, you can check it 24/7 from your mobile application or from your desktop as and when you want it. The ease of usage also means that your bank statements can be pulled from the banks directly every working day so that you do not even need to login to view some of your bank information. We all know that cashflow will win or lose a business. You will be on the winning side if you know how things are doing before problems arises. 

2. Operate your business anywhere you are

With the XERO Accounting mobile app you are able to create expense claims and issue invoices wherever your are. This allows you to also check on the amounts that you owe others and who owes you while on the move. Gone are the days when you are desk bound and needing time back at the office just to settle administrative work of accounting that can take up a fair share of your productive time. 

3. Invoicing made easy and automated reminders on receivables

You can now create quotes and issue invoices wherever you are using your laptop or your mobile. It is as easy as writing the information, contact details and content of the invoice and just sending it out. You also get alerted when customer open the invoices that you have sent. There are also applications for ease of payment through the invoices and you wont need to worry about receivables when everything is done on a high tech manner with little human intervention. 

4. Secure

Xero Accounting Software being a cloud based software, information and sensitive data is backed up by Xero HQ and kept secure within their high security servers.  You won’t need to worry about computer corruption or data stolen anymore. Also you are safe from incident of malwares or ransomwares that have become popular in recent years. 

5. Ease to professionals who help you

Xero is highly integrated and this helps professionals who are helping you with corporate services such as tax computation to have a easier time in assisting you. Gone are the days where excel is the prime method of preparing documents and this helps them save time and this time saving can be passed on to you as a consumer. How best would it be for your to get help and advise on the go from your professional services provider when you need them, then to have them only feedback to you at the end of the year when things have already passed and you cannot do much about a problem that might have been around for months. 



As a Xero Accounting Firm Singapore partner in Singapore, our packaged services include the following:

1. Subscription cost for XERO Cloud Accounting Software (worth $30 a month)
2. Corporate Secretarial Services with provision of experienced nominee corporate secretary
3. Monthly Bookkeeping Services with timely reports
4. Financial Report Compilation (Unaudited)
5. Corporate Tax Computation , Preparation of Tax Returns and Submission of Tax returns

We will also assign you a staff in charge of your case so that you have a point of contact if you have issues and not need to be facing multiple personnel which can irritate a business owner who has little time on hand.

Our packages are created to help startup companies that have the hardest time trying to cut cost and also trying to maximize the funds they have to grow their company.

For companies that are slightly bigger in size and complexity, we do have additional packages that can help you as well. 

If our customers require such services, this could be discussed and arranged with our professionals.  Call 98638665 for a quick discussion with our business development manager Tommy!



Under our all in packages, companies can focus on the main parts of their business which is to grow the revenue side of the business and leave admistrative work to our accountants that are professionals in this field.

We do realize that certain customers do need additional help in the following respects that will help you to improve productivity and therefore income for the company and yourself. 

We also do provide:

1. Admin Support Services
2. Corporate Address, Virtual Office Services (for our corporate customers only)
3. Invoicing & Receipt Preparation and Sending Services

If our customers require such services, this could be discussed and arranged with our professionals. Such services need to be tailor made for your requirements, so it would be best for us to get in touch to get more in-depth details of your requirements. 

Call 98638665 for a quick discussion with our business development manager Tommy!

If you require help for payroll, corporate secretarial, taxation or accounting services you can also contact out professionals who are ready to assist in the management of your company to help you grow your business well in Singapore.





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