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Young Entrepreneurs in the Wedding Industry

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

The wedding industry is a beautiful one. When two people join as one, the celebrations bring joy to not only the couple but also their friends and their families. There are many entrepreneurs who are part of the wave of young and aspiring youths who look to change the industry by leaps and bounds and to make changes that will be felt by many, through their expertise and also their grit and hard work.

Koh Management is very lucky to have worked with a few talented young individuals and we will like to feature some of them today through this special blog post.

Within each industry there are specific players who are strong in their field and we would like to feature some of them.

Annabel Law Productions

Annabel is currently one of the leading wedding photographer in Singapore with features on various wedding publications such as BrideStory, the Wedding Scoop and other publications.

We are proud to know Annabel personally and also to assist her in some advisory work. She is also one of the leading female wedding photographers in Singapore

Visit her website to see more her work: Click Here

Some of her recent works can be found below:

Ivan & Levine Entertainment

Ivan & Levine is made up of a team of professional performers and wedding singers Singapore who are passionate about music, we perform as a live band for weddings and events in Singapore. They have a strong group of excellent performers who are able to delight guest and bring up the mood for the wedding goers. We are proud not only to advise and assist in their operations but also to see them grow and excel in their wedding entertainment field.

Some of their works can be found here:

Merry Bees

Merry Bees wants your special event to be a huge success, with live music your guests will always remember. They offer a wide range of services at truly sensible rates. You can trust their team to provide you with amazing entertainment at your event. Wedding Live band in Singapore to entertain your guest.

They work with popular artiste such as Hubbabubbas , Priscilla Tan , Shili and Adi , Ywenna Carollin , Vocaluptuous

Definitely one of the top Live Band for Weddings in Singapore.

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