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How to grow your business with minimal funds

How to grow your business with minimal funds - When you are a young and brand new entrepreneur, the toughest thing to do is to grow your business without any funds at all.

You may have the necessary skills to do good work but without the funds to market your business, how do you let your customers know that you can get something done and done right.

With zero marketing funds, what are some of the things you can try to do to kick start your business and bring you to the stage where you can make some money and get some marketing to scale even faster.

Let us share with your how to grow your business with minimal funds.

  1. Use free methods such as door to door sales

Whether you are selling a product or services, you can use your own hard work and words to go around the neighborhood or office blocks to speak to your potential customers.

The customers are at home or in the office and when you want to get them, you know that they will answer the door.

The thing is to have yourself a good script and also a product or service that they are interested to buy.

Door to door is one of the best ways to grow fast, you are able to learn from your customers why they don't take you up and also what are some of the feedback for your products or services.

2. Get your friends or family to help you pass the word on

The best people to get help from is your friends and family.

They may not be your customers, if they are great, but if they are not, they can help you post on their social media so that you get the attention you need to kick of.

Many people are too shy or too prideful to seek help but this are the group of people who want to see you succeed and will definitely go out of the way to help you out with it!

Getting them to share to their friends is the fastest and the cheapest way to kick things off.

3. Borrow someone's printer and print some flyers

Flyers or the best way of reaching out to potential customers, you can print with a friend and black and white.

Go do your door to door or drop them in the mailbox so that there are others who learn of your product or services.

Free is always good when it comes to marketing and even more so when you are starting out.

All the best to the budding entrepreneurs.

If you need corporate services, speak to us!

How to grow your business with minimal funds

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