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5 popular trends of Singapore Startups

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

You are a young entrepreneur, looking for ideas to work on and to make some money like how Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook did. You are born in Singapore or based here since you are 10 because of your education. You plan to run a start up here and to get local funding from either the government or the many venture capitals that have flocked to our shores because of the abundance of support and gathering of startup founder in this small little island we call home.

We have seen a few popular trends and there has emerged a few main types or trends of business that young entrepreneurs prefer to work on and start on. Probably because of the high upwards potential or low entry barriers.

Startup Trends 1) E-Commerce of "Everything"

E-Commerce of Clothing and Accessories are everywhere with the boom happening a decade ago but recently we have seen many start ups doing E-Commerce for things that you may not even be aware of. For example, there is a live seafood e-commerce business called Crab Towkay that does live seafood home delivery and uses a E-Commerce platform for payment. They are able to make deliveries to your homes within an hour but orders must be made a day before to ensure supplies are available.

You can even buy your durians online and bird nest online and have them delivered to your doorstep!

Startup Trends 2) Uber of "Everything"

You might know or might not know of Uber. Basically they provide you private cars for transport with an efficient application which you can use anywhere. They search for the nearest driver, pick you up, drop you at your destination and you pay through the app. This model became very popular with the young people and soon, the Uber for EVERYTHING came about. 

You can uber your smartphone/IT gadgets repairs to someone who will turn up to your house to make speedy repairs.

You can get Towing services through a smartphone app, located your position, beam for a towing service to come by and wala! Towing done!

You can do a Uber for goods transportation, pointing upwards to E-Commerce, it sounds like a good mix of having something sold online and UBERED to your customers through one of this transportation startups. 

You can even ask for a massage through an Uber style massage app!

Startup Trends 3) Co-Working Spaces of all types

You have co-working for Tech geeks, you have co-working for high value startups, you have coworking of trading business. Nowadays you can group together, rent a space and you have an awesome co-working space. There are also nicely renovated and nicely located Co-working spaces like Workhouse which provides renting of meeting rooms as well. 

If you can find some friends to work out a location and share it together and make it cool, you can call it a coworking space!

There are also locations that act as business centres to get locations and rental cheap with landlords covering for utilities.

Startup Trends 4) Mobile app for Productivity

Do you need help making your planning for meetings more efficient?  You could also use a mobile app to help you find out when is the next bus coming.

This are some mobile apps that are great for your time planning and reaching a good timing with friends and family. 

Startup Trends 5) Financial services or Financial Tech

There are also bitcoin startups and other financial startups that are taking advantage of Singapore's location as a financial hub to launch off and make good of their positions to grow in Asia and South East Asia.

Loans are one of the consulting services that are becoming popular in Singapore. Avant Consulting Pte Ltd is one of the Singapore SME Loan Consultants that we work closely with to help our customers.

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