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15 Business Starting Up ideas for Young Entrepreneurs in Singapore

Are you someone who has the intention of running your own business because either you are too creative and energetic to work for someone or you just have the dream to found something on your own and grow it into a big international brand.

There are many ideas and businesses that you can come up with but for most people, starting the first business is what will bring you forward into the game of entrepreneurship so that you can learn the necessary skill sets that will help you to manage people, finances, customers and your brand.

For most rich people, what they did not do is to sit around and wait for the best idea to land on their table. Instead, they pick up skill sets that will generate them income. Money is what people pay for the value you give to them. Learn a high value skill set and use it to build that first pot of gold that will bring you more opportunities in the future.

Below are a list of businesses that we plan to suggest to you to start your goal and trip of entrepreneurship.

1. Copy-writing Services

Copy writing is in high demand now with many people having a website as the basic item for their business marketing and outreach. Not only for websites, copy writing is also needed on the Facebook and Instagram Ads that have become a staple in marketing. Most people can write, but not everyone can write well. If you have a good command of English and can write in a way where you can entice people to buy or to contact the website owner for a quotation, you have a valuable skill set.

Copy-writing takes a lot of hard work but for someone who can write really compelling copies can be worth a good amount of money and this is rare to come by. It is also easy to start, find yourself a computer and go network for some customers and there you go!

2. Computer Repair

Do you like to repair your own computer and gadgets? This is one thing that most people can pick up quite easily. Why? YouTube and Google is the best place for many mechanical skills nowadays. If you have no idea how to repair or work on something, go and search online on what are the ways to repair a gadget or computer and you will get the tips and the methods.

Get the computer repairs and get paid hundreds if not thousands of Dollars for the services that you will be rendering because most people just have no idea how it is like to repair a computer!

3. Consulting Work

Are you someone who has a skill set in analysis or has worked in a particular field for a long time. If you do have that skill set for marine work or someone who is an experienced manager. You can use your management consulting skill sets to help a business work around a problem that they can't solve due to limited management skill sets or you could also step in to set up systems that will benefit the organization for the long term.

Your work will be needed if you do have a special skill set so work on it!

4. Pet Carer

Do you have a pet at home? If you do, you can definitely care for pets to a certain extent. Some times when people go overseas for holidays, they either need someone to come over to their houses to take a look at dearest pets and ensure they are well taken care of. Or your house might become the temporary house for their pets. Both ways, you can charge the owners for a good fee to keep their pets in good state.

This is a lucrative business because you basically act as a temporary hotel for the pets and if you are a pet lover yourself, it doesn't even feel like a chore but fun having a new pet at home to hang out with!

5. Event Planner / Wedding Planner

Planning Events is not a very tough job if you do have the experience. For those who have been doing so since school days as a Student Councillor or in university where you plan large scale camps, you will definitely have the edge over many people who have not planned events before.

Planners can be paid quite a good sum in this day and age.

Wedding planning is also a very lucrative business that you can do part time. Help the bride and groom out in getting administrative work for their wedding done up in the evenings and helping them ensure the wedding goes smoothly can make you thousands of dollars for the whole journey.

6. Sports Coach

Are you good at a sport and enjoy teaching? The thing about having a sports skill set is that you can teach if you have an idea of what helps you to perform well. Of course as a coach it is best for you to go through some formal training on how best to teach in a more structured manner but being a good coach also means being able to spot the errors that you students have and change them as they are learning.

Being a good coach also means that you get a lot of satisfaction when your students perform well on the field and win.

7. Flea Market Store Owner

Do you frequent flea markets and realize that they don't sell this certain item that you always want to buy?

Go online and source for this item or make them on your own and go to flea markets to set up shop! Build a brand for yourself and eventually go online with your own online store when you have fans who will want to work with you in the long term to buy your items.

Flea markets are cheap to start from and have a good crowd if they are already a very popular event.

8. Home Organizers

Have you heard of Marie Kondo and how she can give you tips on the ways to clean up a house?

Most houses need help with cleaning up, so you can step in to help out with the cleaning and clearing out things. If you are able to show that you are able to deliver the high quality of cleaning for most of your clients.

Consult them on how best to tidy things up and voila you have a new job!

9. Jewelry

Do you have a neck of making or designing really nice jewelry, if you do, you are in luck. There has been a surge in demand for cool and new jewelry that are not branded. The cool thing about this new age demand is that anything that is unique is favored by the trendy. So if you are able to design and create something that is special and new, you can launch it into market for everyone who loves such items.

Get yourself known for this design and eventually charge higher prices when you have a brand.

10. Training in Computer Skills

Computer skills are something that most people have. Young people with good command of their computer skills can go to community centre to teach elderly how to set up a new Facebook Account for example and teach them how to register for a new email address. For the skillsfuture initiative in Singapore, there are many things that can be taught to the elderly or those who wish to be re-skilled to learn how to move forward in this new economy.

As a young and tech savvy person, it might seem like second nature but this presents a new set of skills that can help an elderly person to navigate the internet and the rest of the world.

11. Graphic Designer

Photoshop skills are in high demand. Are you someone who can edit photos very well for the memes that you post on your own wall? You are in luck. This skill is needed for many creative and website agencies but professionals do not come cheap.

If you are good at your work, you can charge a freelance rate and get paid really well for such jobs.

12. House Moving Services

Have a strong back? Strength is your thing?

There is high demand for people who are moving houses and this is one of the few things that can make you a quick buck by hiring a one day lorry and helping people to move boxes and heavy furniture to and from there old place to their new place. This labour heavy service can be quite a good winning job in terms of demand and generating income for yourself.

13. Music Classes

Did you parents send you for music classes like guitar or piano when you are much younger? Time to reap the benefits of that when you can now pass on this knowledge to the young and help them to also learn a new music instrument. This is one of the best ways to build income and the classes can generate you quite an amount as well.

14. Photography

Are you someone who is good at shooting human beings in their natural state? Great for you because photography is a skill that is in high demand in this day and age. Charge a few hundred for your work and you'll realize how much you can earn.

15. Web development and design

Learn how to develop Wix or WordPress websites from YouTube and offer your services at a cheap rate to corporate businesses as a freelancer. This is one of the most lucrative jobs that you can scale and you can even outsource it overseas for more flexibility of time on your end.

Koh Management is the place for you to have your questions answered, contact us to find out more now.

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