Cyber Security / Ransomware Recovery Services

Cyber Security / Ransomware Recovery Services

Cyber Security / Ransomware Recovery Services

In recent months, cyber security has become a buzz word for most business in Singapore. There has been quite a number of high profile intrusion cases being conducted by foreign cyber criminals on local companies and this has cost massive amounts for SMEs in Singapore.

Major firms are mostly well covered because they are well informed of the threats and how such risk can endanger their computer systems and their operations. 

There are many types of Cyber Security threats that are common in this time and age, most common that many are aware of are viruses that can infect your systems and cause damage to your internal programs. Malwares are also common methods of damaging your systems, most damaging being ransomwares, we will share more about it later. Phishing methods can cause the lost of credit card and sensitive information. DDOS on websites to take them down are also pretty common. All out hackings and breaking into systems are not that common because they require high amounts of resources.

So what is a ransomware? Ans: A ransomware is a form of malware that infects your system, encrypts your data and request for payment for decrpytion.

When you get infected by Malwares such as Ransomware, the risk you can get into include:

  1. Loss of productivity due to down time of staff members
  2. Loss of information that might be sensitive
  3. Loss of trust by customers who have entrusted their information with you

Such losses can be minimized with proper defences and policies in placed.

Koh Management works closely with Group6 Cyber Security and Ransomware Specialist to assist SME companies in Singapore in two main areas

  1. To get out of sticky situations after getting ransomware infected
  2. Defending against ransomware attacked either after the initial infection or to all out defend against possibilities. 

Ransomware can come in many form and the most damaging and common ones now are:

  1. Locky
  2. Cerber
  3. Spora

Koh Management is committed to high quality B2B services and if you’re keen to find out more , call us at 98638665

Cyber Security / Ransomware Recovery Services