Business for Sale Singapore | Buying Selling of Companies

Business for Sale Singapore | Buying Selling of Companies




Business for Sale Singapore | Buying Selling of Companies

Business for Sale Singapore | Buying Selling of Companies



Business for Sale Singapore – Are you an entrepreneur who has been working hard on your business and wanting to exit the business through a sale?

Are you an investor with funds to invest and looking to increase your company turnover ? Or looking to grow your business into another field?

You might be someone looking to buy over someone in the same industry to expand your business and customer base through a merger and acquisition?

Koh Management has with us a team of specialist who are engaged in assisting our clients in buying and selling companies | Companies for Sale Singapore for various reasons:

  1. Exit Planning
  2. Cashing out for other business ventures
  3. Purchasing to increase revenue

We will assist in linking up between buyers and sellers, negotiating the sale price and also to ensure smooth transition of the business handover.



We Currently have a few businesses on our portfolio looking for take over:

1. Precision Engineering Firm (updated 23/10/2014) – CALL FOR MORE INFO

2. Plastic Manufacturing Business – CALL FOR MORE INFO

3. Beauty Salon Chain (Updated 28/10/2014) – CALL FOR MORE INFO

4. Fashion Clothing Chain in shopping malls + Ecommerce (update 07/11/2014) – CALL FOR MORE INFO

5. 3D Printing Company (updated 18/12/2014)

6. Edutrust Education Institution (updated 18/12/2014)



We also have clients looking to buy for the following:

1. M&E Firm (updated 23/10/2014) – Budget SGD$1 million

2. Accounting / Corporate Secretarial firm (updated 31/10/2014) – Turnover looking at $400,000 to $600,000

3. Courier firms




We work closely with either the buyer side or the seller side to ascertain the needs and requirements of the sale and purchase and also work on the marketing with our network of fellow business brokers to close the deal.

We are keen to understand your needs and also been glad to give advice on the best way forward.

Are you an agent acting for another business purchase or sale? If yes , do ring us up, we can always work on co-broking a deal with you !

If you have a company , whichever industry it is , contact our specialist to discuss this opportunity, we might just have someone waiting to buy or sell your business ! 

Koh Management (previously known as S.H. Koh Secretarial & Managament Pte Ltd) was founded by Director Koh Swee Hock in the Year 1983. Over the years, under the guidance of Mr Koh, it has since established a reputation for quality and professionally accounting and secretarial services for SMEs and young start-ups. With 30 over years of experience and also a young team working with him to expand his business within the startup circle, Koh Management has grown from strength to strength.

Koh Management takes pride in the work assigned to them and always goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients are provided with quality services and solutions for their businesses. Should you require any assistance about your business process, administrative matters, feel free to contact our friendly staff at Koh Management. We look forward to serving your business needs. 




Things to note when selling your business:

Preparation and planning prior to selling your business

1. Always be ready to sell your business

Don’t just go into a business exit one day because you are sick of the business or need cash urgently. If you are keen to sell, start preparing your business for sale prior to the marketing. Eg. make sure all documents are in place, earnings are looking good etc.


Things that can help you to increase the value of your business

1. HIGH earnings will translate to HIGH selling price

Focus on increasing the value of your business , an uptrend in revenue, profits and cash flow is always good when it comes to selling !

2. Diversify your customers and supplier base

If your customer makes up 1/3 of your business, thats bad ! The buyer could end up having a hard time working with this one guy and lose value and this is not something you want to see happening

3. Restructure your business to make it easier to manage

If you’re a buyer, would you prefer to come in everyday even when you are not feeling well and the business can’t run if you are not around or would you rather a business that has systems in place that can allow it to operate well even when you are not around? Of course the easier to run one, so make it easier for everyone by automating certain processes or delegating them out

4. Is your business in any form of legal issue ?

If yes , settle it soon, a business with risk is not a good business to buy


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