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seo geek logoSEO Geek was founded by Tommy Koh in 2013 when he started out working on his first business, realizing that most SEO providers are charging exorbitant prices and not delivering good results, he decided to self taught SEO and come up with interesting new methods to bring in links and also to build links that will last through all the Google updates to prevent spammers from ranking.

SEO Geek has since grew its portfolio steadily and produced high quality results to rank customers from various industries and helping the maintain their positions. 

SEO Geek provides high quality SEO services in Singapore and also consults marketing departments of MNC firms on topics like blogging, link building, on site SEO and etc, through their SEO Consultancy services in Singapore. 

With the skill sets armed with him, Tommy is looking to venture in SEO training courses in Singapore in the 4th Quarters of 2016. 

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