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Leong Kiang Tractor & Machinery Pte Ltd

Leong Kiang Tractor & Machinery Pte Ltd

Leong Kiang Tractor & Machinery Pte Ltd is a major importer and supplier of construction equipment in Singapore.

ASIAGROUP is a diversified equipment and project services company with a commitment to achieving customer success and leadership in our industry. ASIAGROUP operates throughout Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, providing innovative solutions and quality equipment for heavy lift, heavy transport and other customer needs. ASIAGROUP serves the commercial, government and industrial markets including the power generation and petroleum refinery sectors.

Leong Kiang Tractor & Machinery Pte Ltd has always believed it could best serve its customers by hands-on management of the services needed and utilization of its own fleet of heavy lift equipment and transportation equipment. Today ASIAGROUP owns and maintains its fleet and directs the work with its in-house team of supervisors, project managers and engineers who take genuine pride in what they do. They have passionate commitment, experience and knowledge in heavy lift and haulage which kept the company sustaining over the years.

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Leong Kiang Tractor & Machinery Pte Ltd


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