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Corporate Gifts by Global Asia Printings

corporate gifts singapore

Global Asia Printings was founded by a group of young corporate gifts enthusiast.

There are many corporate gifts options in Singapore but service is what sets the suppliers apart. They also supplies corporate lanyards.

Working closely with clients from SMEs to MNCs and even government organisations, GAPS has established itself as a brand.

GAPS is also one of the leading T-Shirt Printing Companies in Singapore producing high quality corporate t shirt printing and events t shirt printing products

Some of the interesting items that GAPs carries:

T-Shirt Printing 

Corporate Gift Supplier

Having established close working relationship with suppliers from Malaysia, India and China, GAPS is able to offer quality corporate gifts singapore products at a competitive prices.

Fret not about t-shirt or corporate gifts that are not in our catalogue, send them the corporate gift design or sample and they will produce it for you !

Contact them today to find out more about corporate gift items and also other form of items that you could use for your corporate events. 

Visit them now at


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