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Legal issues that most startups in Singapore should pay attention to

Legal issues that most startups in Singapore should pay attention to - Starting up is tough, you are new to business and you are new to your business idea. You not only need to spend time trying to make your product work out, you will also need to spend time trying to make sure your bank doesn't run down to zero and also managing staff which is a brand new thing to you. There are many components of the business, not just accounting and finance. You might some time overlook one very important part of your business, which is legal. Contracts are signed, sometimes without much concern until something goes wrong. You suddenly realize that you made a mistake and you want to go back to before you signed it but you can't. Legal issues kill many startups because you end up signing more shares than you should or you end up spending so much time on settling it that you end up killing your business anyway. So we will like to share ...


Why Singapore SMEs should consider cloud accounting software

In terms of doing business, Singapore is one of the leading places for the ease of doing business for many years. Why is that so? Singapore has been proud of being able to lead the world with its use of Information technology in setting up companies and also to do transactions with the government. All government submissions are mostly done online and also with the new system of using a corporate password instead of the SINGPASS which is every Singaporean's personal password to work with the government. The country is slowly transforming into a society of the future in terms of the use of Information Technology and also the use of new technology to improve efficiency. That said, the accounting sector in Singapore is one of the oldest industries in Singapore and also one that is very well established. Singapore being a big financial hub for the region and Asia manages a lot of funds. Coupled with the ease of doing business, Singapore has one of the world's largest number of incorporated companies and with this needing a strong army of accountants and auditors to assist in the management of all this local and ...


Company Secretary in Tanjong Pagar

Company Secretary in Tanjong Pagar Are you looking for a corporate secretary in Tanjong pagar? We are a professional corporate secretary firm in Tanjong pagar area with many other complimentary services. A Company secretary is needed for your private limited company within 6 months of your incorporation. We will assist you with statutory filing and deadlines and assist you with your business needs. Corporate secretaries are a great asset to your company by assisting you with your administrative needs and at the same time helping you to grow your knowledge on managing a private limited company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a quotation or need advise on how to go ahead with the appointing of a corporate secretary We are also keen to work with your business on a long term basis with many other complimentary services such as accounting, incorporation, web design, SEO, payroll services. So contact us now to find out more about our services !  


Accounting Job

Accounting Job in Singapore Hey there! Did you know that Singapore is planning to become an Accounting Hub for South East Asia , Asia and even the world. This is the vision of the  Committee to Develop the Accountancy Sector (CDAS) "An accountancy sector marked by vibrancy and diversity of talent mix; thought leadership; globally recognised programmes for professional education and development; high value-add; and its overall contribution to Singapore’s economy." With this in mind, many changes has been set in place to improve the accounting sector as a whole and also to increase the supply of qualified accountants to cater for this growth. The Certified Public Accountant has been slowly phased out to welcome, the Charted Accounting (CA) Singapore title and there are programmes such as the Singapore Qualifying Programme. SQP hopes to bring in professionals from other sectors into the Accounting sector to help it grow and together with them bring ideas and concepts from other sectors. The Accounting scene has since grew at a tremendous rate and with only about 1000 graduates from the Singapore ...