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How to make use of gift items to improve your business branding

How to make use of gift items to improve your business branding - Corporate gifts are very popular forms of branding in this modern time and age. There are many forms of items that you can take a look at and explore using when you want to improve your company branding. A nice cup for the CEO of your partner firm or just a simple pen for all your guest can help them remember you when they need to do business with you. T-Shirt Printing is also one of the popular methods of reaching out to your potential customers by having your team wearing them or even getting students from schools to be wearing them around so that others can get to see your brand being featured to the world.  Items can range from $1 per piece to $50 per piece depending on your budget and requirements.  You need to come up with the following before you decide how to take advantage of using corporate gifts gifting ...


How to set up an ecommerce store in Singapore

How to set up an ecommerce store in Singapore - eCommerce is something that has become very popular with the starting up community in Singapore. Singapore is a small country, going to the mall is not that difficult for most people. But eCommerce is still a very popular form of business in Singapore because of the convenience it brings to the retailer and also the shopper who is able to buy the items they need in the convenience of their home.  eCommerce store are also great for first time business owners because the starting up cost of this types of businesses are minimal and you are able to try and learn new things at your own pace since you out lay of cash is not as stressful as a big investment into a more traditional form of business.  So what are some of the items that an eCommerce startup founder can take note of and how do you actually go about starting something like this in Singapore.   Find out what product you want ...


Why you should consider cloud accounting over traditional accounting

Why you should consider cloud accounting over traditional accounting - Business accounting is an important part of a business cycle. Whoever who has run a business knows that having a good and competent accountant can be a great asset for your business. You can make better decisions at a more timely period and able to derive higher profits because of this competence. There has been the progress from the old days when people use old school methods to keep track of accounts to the recent pen and paper methods. This method survived for centuries before being overtaken by the trusty Excel Spreadsheet that was easy to use and helped to improve the T balance calculations for many accountants and business owners. In the late 90s and early 2000s came the accounting software that is desktop based. Desktop based software was very easy to use because it uses coding logic to assign the accounting items to their respective units. This evolution of change has helped accounting firms to generate more profit with the same amount of staff members, they could do more work and make more money for their companies. This was great but as time went on, ...


5 reasons to outsource your accounting services in Singapore

5 reasons to outsource your accounting services in Singapore   There are many parts of the business that you need to watch after when you run a business, there are also many parts of your employees that you need to watch after. Businesses are tough to run, managing people is even harder than you think. It doesn't just mean that you are paying salary therefore they will put in their best. You must manage and motivate and deploy work appropriately. This is something most startup owners fail at. Because School doesn't teach you leadership as much, most people have no idea to manage a big team of talents.   Reason 1: Accounting Services require a lot of time    Accounting services for a small company can be easy to do but it takes up a lot of the entrepreneurs time. Time is of the essence at the birth of a business. One should focus on growing the revenue end so that there are more business coming in to ensure the survival of the business. Accounting is some what secondary compared ...


How startups can benefit from outsourcing payroll services in Singapore

How startups can benefit from outsourcing payroll services in Singapore   How startups can benefit from outsourcing payroll services in Singapore - Managing a startup anywhere in the world is tough. Most businesses do not get pass their first years and this is something that many business owners will come to get aware of as time goes by. Running a business is tough, running it alone is even tougher, we will share how external help can help you to improve the chances of success by that little bit that might tip the balance in your favor.  Running a business will mean that you have to run quite a few things at one go. One you are expected to know how to market a business, be a good team leader, able to sell and able to do administration work. Most people will rather be focused on the selling parts because that's where the revenue of the business will be coming from. And like most good salespeople, the idea of running day to day administration work is not only tiring and at the same time it takes a lot of effort to just complete simple administration work after doing ...


How Corporate Gifts and Corporate T-Shirts can help your business

How Corporate Gifts and Corporate T-Shirts can help your business - Running a business and getting a new customer is not just the main goals of a company. There are many ways that businesses can build connections and also relationships with customers. Customers are already people who trust you and we all know that trust is the hardest to build. But what many business persons do not realize is that there are many other ways that you can stay in touch with your csutomers without spending a bomb and without just focusing on getting new clients all the time. When you are able to give the best to your customers and they are happy with you and they are happy with working with you. They will give you more business without you seeking it. This is how Corporate gifts Singapore comes into place. Corporate Gifts are a great way to give back to your clients by giving them something that might be useful for them at work or at home. Little gifts that are useful for your customers will go a long way to show your appreciation for them and this is something that ...


Benefits of using Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software for your business

Benefits of using Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software for your business - Xero is one of the most popular software in Singapore for accounting work amongst startups. Xero is a new accounting software develop by a company based in Australia with the idea of turning accounting software into something that is highly efficient so that time is saved on doing up bookkeeping work and financial reports can be streamlined for regulatory uses. Xero is popular in Singapore in the recent few years because of its low rates and many features that have been favored by many local companies that are providing accounting and bookkeeping services. There are many benefits that you can get out of using Xero as your primary accounting software for your business and here are some of those that we at Koh Management think will be useful for your decision making: Benefit 1: Xero is a regularly updated software that has integration with many other apps like apple's app store The good thing about Xero is that some of the software ...


Why Singapore SMEs should consider cloud accounting software

In terms of doing business, Singapore is one of the leading places for the ease of doing business for many years. Why is that so? Singapore has been proud of being able to lead the world with its use of Information technology in setting up companies and also to do transactions with the government. All government submissions are mostly done online and also with the new system of using a corporate password instead of the SINGPASS which is every Singaporean's personal password to work with the government. The country is slowly transforming into a society of the future in terms of the use of Information Technology and also the use of new technology to improve efficiency. That said, the accounting sector in Singapore is one of the oldest industries in Singapore and also one that is very well established. Singapore being a big financial hub for the region and Asia manages a lot of funds. Coupled with the ease of doing business, Singapore has one of the world's largest number of incorporated companies and with this needing a strong army of accountants and auditors to assist in the management of all this local and ...


Ransomware on the Rise in Singapore

Ransomware on the Rise in Singapore Singapore is one of the most digitally capable countries in Asia and South East Asia. Most of our daily work are done in front of the computer screen. Communications and trading are all concentrated on screen and done in split seconds. When we think cyber security, we think just simply anti virus. That's not going to be enough to defend against sophisticated attacks to SME companies in Singapore in this day and age. Gone are the days when you get a virus, it disrupts you for a few minutes and you are back to work after you get an anti virus software installed and it gets things cleared, much like modern medicine. Hackers and criminals alike have took to more sophisticated methods known as Ransomware to seek leverage from Singapore businesses and this is how they normally work: Phishing email is send to you or an unsuspecting stuff member Files can be acting like a PDF file which may be common for most stuff to receive Downloaded file gets onto desktop and start working its magic Any file that is ...


The Business Startup 101 Guide for new Entrepreneurs

The Business Startup 101 Guide for new Entrepreneurs Our team has been considering working on this piece for a long time and we think it would be great to create an article on the 101 of starting up a business right now so that we can share some of our thoughts and also our ideas on growing your business, how to start, where to start, when to start and how to eventually get there. There are a lot of questions that might come about so do contact us if you are keen to learn more or even go through some consultancy with us. So to start off our little article about starting businesses. There are a few things that we want to point out about starting up a business. We very often watch videos of successful businessmen talking about success and how they are spending their wealth and how they have the freedom that they deserve. Such videos are great but we all need to know that, they have already got there. We all think winning is easy, without realizing how much hard work is required to get to where you want to be.