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What Singapore really needs from its startups

What Singapore really needs from its startups We are seeing so many features on financial tech startups, we are seeing education, transportation startups and many other startups that sometimes don't have problems to solve and start creating problems so that they can start something to solve them. We have seen brilliant minds trying to solve great problems but we also must be aware of where Singapore is going towards. Singapore has and will always be a nation that is dependent on her manpower and her wits to outsmart and outmaneuver her neighbors. Which is why Singapore has over the years spend so much money on education and to one up their competitors, they focus on the latest trends and the ones that makes up the most trendy or new industries. As of now, i would believe Singapore start ups should look into building things that can help our most close to heart industries. Trading and Shipping. Singapore was build on the backs of international trade and our shipping industry is one of the biggest if not the biggest in the world. This is something we should be proud of but because of the downturn and ...


5 popular trends of Singapore Startups

You are a young entrepreneur, looking for ideas to work on and to make some money like how Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook did. You are born in Singapore or based here since you are 10 because of your education. You plan to run a start up here and to get local funding from either the government or the many venture capitals that have flocked to our shores because of the abundance of support and gathering of startup founder in this small little island we call home. We have seen a few popular trends and there has emerged a few main types or trends of business that young entrepreneurs prefer to work on and start on. Probably because of the high upwards potential or low entry barriers.   Startup Trends 1) E-Commerce of "Everything" E-Commerce of Clothing and Accessories are everywhere with the boom happening a decade ago but recently we have seen many start ups doing E-Commerce for things that you may not even be aware of. For example, there is a live seafood e-commerce business called Crab Towkay that does live seafood home delivery and uses a E-Commerce platform for payment. They ...


How to set up Tuition Centre in Singapore

How to set up Tuition Centre in Singapore Are you keen on starting your very own tuition centre? We have also wrote a guide on how to set up a tuition agency in Singapore, you could read that to find out more as well. Tuition is a very popular and profitable business in Singapore because of the strong focus on education by Asian families. Families are willing to spend quite a sum to ensure that their children are well ranked in school and this has led to an education boom. Also amongst the wealthy in South East Asia, parents will spend to send their children to Singapore to study and have tuition to keep them ahead of the group. There are many tuition centre in Singapore and the competition is tough but one could still venture into this field if he has strong financial backing or the tutors behind the centre are strong in terms of presence. So let's begin on our tuition centre business guide.   Step 1:  Location, Location, Location | How to set up tuition centre in Singapore Location, Location, Location. Before you even want to consider ...


How to set up a Consultancy business in Singapore

How to set up a Consultancy business in Singapore Have you worked in a big MNC for the past few years? Looking to leave the big firm? Or do you have some skill sets that the common man does not and you are in demand by others to solve their problems? With your credentials and starting your own consultancy business could be one of the profitable business ideas to look at nowadays. Singapore is moving towards more of a knowledge economy and someone with extra skill sets can easily monetize them and allow it to make good income for them. So what are some of the pointers to look out for when you are looking to become a business consultant in Singapore.       1. Find out what are some of the more common forms of consultancy people with your skill sets provide | How to set up a consultancy business in Singapore You may not be aware that your skill sets can be packaged in many different ways and rates and this is something that you should work out before ...


How to set up F&B Cafe in Singapore

How to set up F&B Cafe in Singapore Are you one of those cafe hoppers who enjoy the nice ambiance and great coffee that comes with it? Singapore is seeing a new wave of specialty coffee places and there has been a great demand for cafes that offer high quality coffee and a nice quiet place to just chill and catch up with friends. You have seen many cafes doing well and you are able to cook up some good meals or some goodies, you believe you are able to run a money making cafe and want to start one of your own. As an entrepreneur, are you interseted in starting up one for yourself and manage it for interest and also for profits? We will be preparing a simple guide for you to kick start your journey Set Up F&B Cafe Step 1: Decide yourself or with your partners the preferred name for your business. Find something catchy that can be easily remembered or something that is more hipster. Hipster cafes are popular this days. Do check that your company name URL is available as well. You wont want to be ...


Dec 2014 Young Startup Gathering – Workhouse

In December 2014, Koh Management organized a small gathering for start up founders at our coworking space partner's place. Workhouse is conveniently located in Little India and the founder of Workhouse, Mr Kunal Pawa has been very kind to host the gathering. Workhouse Co-Working Space presents a unique space for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to come together in a single venue to inject creativity and change into today's world and society. They have also recently launched meeting room rental and conference room rental programmes for person who may want to loan them for corporate or project meetings Featuring a flexible and modular design and facilities fully customizable to your needs, leave your burdens behind and focus on what you do best: making an impact with your startup team, associates and friends.     Our young founders had a great time networking and finding out how each of us are doing and sharing best practices. Koh Management organizes quarterly gathering so if you are keen to join us you could go to our ...


How to set up tuition agency in Singapore

How to Set up tuition agency in Singapore Are you a young founder and wanting to start a business but have no idea what to go into?  Some businesses are easier to set up than to wait for the next big idea that is going to take the world by storm. Starting a tuition agency may be a good way to start off your entrepreneurship journey because of the low cost of starting and also the ease of being able to set up one almost instantly, not forgetting that you can operate it from home and run it till a certain size before you start commercializing the business. There are several things that you do need to take note of if you are keen on starting this business and we will be providing a quick guide for you to know what to watch out for and also what you should be doing on How to start up a tuition agency in Singapore. Set up Tuition Agency Step 1 - Naming and Website URL Decide on a name for your business first, it should be a name that is able to be branded, it should also ...


Company Secretary in Tanjong Pagar

Company Secretary in Tanjong Pagar Are you looking for a corporate secretary in Tanjong pagar? We are a professional corporate secretary firm in Tanjong pagar area with many other complimentary services. A Company secretary is needed for your private limited company within 6 months of your incorporation. We will assist you with statutory filing and deadlines and assist you with your business needs. Corporate secretaries are a great asset to your company by assisting you with your administrative needs and at the same time helping you to grow your knowledge on managing a private limited company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a quotation or need advise on how to go ahead with the appointing of a corporate secretary We are also keen to work with your business on a long term basis with many other complimentary services such as accounting, incorporation, web design, SEO, payroll services. So contact us now to find out more about our services !  


Accounting firm in Tanjong Pagar

Accounting firm in Tanjong Pagar Are you looking for a reliable accounting firm in Tanjong Pagar area? Koh Management Pte Ltd has just completed their move over to Tanjong Pagar and is ready to serve the business community based in this area. We looking forward to working with our clients based in Tanjong Pagar and Shenton Way area. We are located at Tanjong Pagar complex at 7 Keppel Road which is conveniently outside of the CBD area and therefore do not need to incur the additional ERP cost. Located just on the boundary of ERP and accessible to all highways we are able to service almost any company based in Singapore and we are keen to work closely with our customers to achieve high quality services standards that will ensure that you accounts and corporate secretarial needs are covered by our trained accountants. Koh Management Pte Ltd has a strong team of accountants to assist your needs, we also carry out services such as incorporation, corporate secretarial and work with respectable auditors to allow for high quality corporate services to be given to our customer. Customer services is at the core of ...


Government Scheme for Singapore Businesses

Government Scheme for Singapore Businesses Singapore has always been a country that is pro business. With minimal natural resources, Singapore is highly reliant on her human resources, therefore the growth of the various service sectors such as Finance, Biotechnology, Oilrig building and many more ! With the reliance on manpower, Singapore has always been placing much of its reliance on the backs of foreign workers, with the recent shift in policy, Singapore is shifting away from her reliance on manpower heavy sectors to those with high returns on manpower or finance related services. To aid in the shift of policy, the government has come up with a string of grants and schemes that can help Singapore businesses to change their structure of the business or to explore new fields that they previously may not have the incentive to move to due to the cost or technical difficulties. The following are 3 grants that are useful for SME business to look into:   Government Scheme for Singapore Businesses No. 1: Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) administered by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) Through this scheme, investment ...