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How digital marketing can help you grow your business - There are many marketing methods out there that can help you grow your business and at the same time there are many companies out there that are trying to vie for the pie that is small in Singapore.Older methods are not as effective anymore, gone are the times when many people sit in front of the television and consume information like they used to. Radio advertising has also gone south and when it comes to newspaper advertising, it has also been going downwards for many years.The age of digital marketing is here and there are many means that you can take advantage of when you want to market to a certain type of customers. There are also many digital marketing strategies that you can take note of.Digital marketing has been down to a few players and some of them are Google, Facebook, Instagram (owned by facebook), Youtube (owned by Google).So what are the useful methods and why choose that method.Google is great when it comes to targeting customers that are mainly B2B or corporate. This is through adwords advertising methods that you pay for a click or impression from people ...


Ransomware on the Rise in Singapore

Ransomware on the Rise in Singapore Singapore is one of the most digitally capable countries in Asia and South East Asia. Most of our daily work are done in front of the computer screen. Communications and trading are all concentrated on screen and done in split seconds.When we think cyber security, we think just simply anti virus. That's not going to be enough to defend against sophisticated attacks to SME companies in Singapore in this day and age.Gone are the days when you get a virus, it disrupts you for a few minutes and you are back to work after you get an anti virus software installed and it gets things cleared, much like modern medicine.Hackers and criminals alike have took to more sophisticated methods known as Ransomware to seek leverage from Singapore businesses and this is how they normally work:Phishing email is send to you or an unsuspecting stuff member Files can be acting like a PDF file which may be common for most stuff to receive Downloaded file gets onto desktop and start working its magic Any file that is ...


The Business Startup 101 Guide for new Entrepreneurs Our team has been considering working on this piece for a long time and we think it would be great to create an article on the 101 of starting up a business right now so that we can share some of our thoughts and also our ideas on growing your business, how to start, where to start, when to start and how to eventually get there. There are a lot of questions that might come about so do contact us if you are keen to learn more or even go through some consultancy with us.So to start off our little article about starting businesses. There are a few things that we want to point out about starting up a business.We very often watch videos of successful businessmen talking about success and how they are spending their wealth and how they have the freedom that they deserve. Such videos are great but we all need to know that, they have already got there. We all think winning is easy, without realizing how much hard work is required to get to where you want to be.


How to grow your new business in SingaporeHow to grow your new business in Singapore - Are you someone who just started up and want to learn more about tips on how to grow your business in Singapore? Today in this blog post we have some tips that we would like to share with you so that you can grow your business and get more leads and also generate more future leads to become a great company in Singapore whether you are in the services field, manufacturing field or any other relevant fields in Singapore. This 5 tips will be able to kick start your business so that you have the opportunity for it to grow and this tips are also easy to understand and transfer into proper working plans.Work on a product that is marketable The product must be something that you can send a message out to and also something that can be marketed. You can be selling a water bottle, it can be a new tech product that could change ...


Singapore Audit Requirements

Singapore Audit Requirements - When you run a company in any country, auditing is normally a must to prove that your business are operating as per what you reported. Listed companies have a legal responsibility to go through auditing. But in Singapore there are various circumstances where you do not need to go through audit. The reason for the government to employ such a move is to reduce business cost to bring in more business to incorporate in Singapore and being the business hub of South East Asia region. Under the old system, the criteria to get audit exemptions are as follow:Companies below 5 million turnover over the preceding years Less than 20 shareholders No Corporate Shareholders holding shares of company, no matter amount of shares held As per July 2015, the new system for audit exemption is as per the following rules and you must fit the criteria to be determined as a "small company":Effective of 1st July 2015 with financial years begining on or after 1 July 2015 (those ...


3 Ways to Improve business marketing

3 Ways to Improve business marketing Ways to Improve business marketing - Running a business is hard, trying to market your business to get more leads is even harder. Are you someone who wants to push the brand of your company out to the world?There are many methods that modern business take advantage of whether it is B2C or B2B business and this is something that we should take a look at when we want to build our business. Koh Management will be sharing the top 5 ways to improve your business marketing for better business growth and outreach for more income. Ways to improve business marketing 1: Business Social Media and Personal Social Media (Social Network)Having a social media presence is a must for any business person nowadays, your business should be on social media, so should you. Gone are the days where you can make big bucks just hiding behind the desk and working hard at your product or services. You need to marketing and let people know ...


3 Productivity systems to grow your business

3 Productivity systems to grow your business 3 Productivity systems to grow your business - Growing a business is tough especially when you are the sole entrepreneur working to produce the best results for your business and not haven't time to cover the administrative portions of the business. Productivity hacks are great for the business but nothing beats using computer or app systems that can help you to improve your productivity even more.  So Koh Management has 3 systems that we would like to encourage startups to use when they are building their business and below are the three systems that we recommend. Payroll SoftwareWhen it comes to managing employees and preparing for their payroll and payslips, it takes up too much administrative time that could be better used elsewhere such as sales and marketing. When you are working through the step by step payroll portions like checking their leaves or going through their claims, this whole process can be better managed with high quality payroll software systems that can help you to save time. This ...


Tips to Grow your young startup business in Singapore Tips to Grow your young startup business in Singapore - Are you running a startup or planning to grow your startup. There are so many business jargons by young entrepreneurs this days and it might get confusing for someone who is new to the startup or business world.Running a business is not too difficult. You buy something and you sell something at a profit. You build something that people use, they pay you for the service or the product. You are providing a service that no one else can do, you charge a fee and get paid for your help.Businesses that are well planned and thought out are able to scale exponentially. Businesses that are well funded can grow at a fast rate and eventually targeted for a buy out and therefore great financial gains.So here are some of the tips that Koh Management will like to provide to young startup founders on how they could grow their ...


Whats the difference between SP, LLP and Pte Ltd - Singapore's business systems are very similar to that of the British system. Most of the company's act came from the UK and with it most of the systems of business.To start of there are basically 3 main forms of business/company structures that an entrepreneur could consider when he or she wants to start off their business here in Singapore. Singapore is one of the best places to do business and we are ranked number 1 on the ease of doing business and this makes us a great place to start a company. Many may be confused as to what makes a difference in the 3 main forms. Let us discuss it here today.Before we start, definitions, "SP" are what we term as sole proprietorship. "LLPs" are limited liability partnerships. "Pte Ltds" are private limited companies. Let us start with sole proprietorship, when it comes to starting of a business, SPs are a good choice of business type because you can get it registered by yourself on the ACRA website in a few minutes time. How it ...


Young Entrepreneurs in the Wedding Industry

The wedding industry is a beautiful one. When two people join as one, the celebrations bring joy to not only the couple but also their friends and their families. There are many entrepreneurs who are part of the wave of young and aspiring youths who look to change the industry by leaps and bounds and to make changes that will be felt by many, through their expertise and also their grit and hard work.Koh Management is very lucky to have worked with a few talented young individuals and we will like to feature some of them today through this special blog post.Within each industry there are specific players who are strong in their field and we would like to feature some of them.  Annabel Law Productions Annabel is currently one of the leading wedding photographer in Singapore with features on various wedding publications such as BrideStory, the Wedding Scoop and other publications.We are proud to know Annabel personally ...