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Benefits of using Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software for your business

Benefits of using Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software for your business – Xero is one of the most popular software in Singapore for accounting work amongst startups. Xero is a new accounting software develop by a company based in Australia with the idea of turning accounting software into something that is highly efficient so that time is saved on doing up bookkeeping work and financial reports can be streamlined for regulatory uses.

Xero is popular in Singapore in the recent few years because of its low rates and many features that have been favored by many local companies that are providing accounting and bookkeeping services. There are many benefits that you can get out of using Xero as your primary accounting software for your business and here are some of those that we at Koh Management think will be useful for your decision making:

Benefits of using Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software for your business

Benefit 1: Xero is a regularly updated software that has integration with many other apps like apple’s app store

The good thing about Xero is that some of the software out there do not have updates that often, you are not being up to date with the new developments and new technology if the updates are slow to come. With thousands of companies around the whole world using this software, it gets feedback time to time and this allows the systems developers to work on improving the system as things goes and this is great for the company because they are able to work on making sure the features are what the customers want.

There is an app store on the Xero platform that allows you to use new apps developed either by the Xero team or by other vendors and vetted by Xero before being shown to the world. Some of this apps are very useful in helping save time and money and this is good for accounting and bookkeeping firms that seek to save time and effort on getting certain work done within a certain number of hours.

Updates being pushed to the system during off hours is also one of the great use of a cloud based accounting software for cloud accounting services in Singapore. The updates that are pushed are tested before they get pushed out so there wont be issues of corruptions that might annoy users who are using this system. There are also no need for the system to be updated during office hours which saves commercial time for businesses.


Benefit 2: Xero is not expensive, costing only $30 per month to run, thats $1 a day

The main benefit of anything is the price. Xero being a cloud based software tries to run by volume so in this respect it is cheap and easy for people to on board, there is also a one month trial for users who are thinking of trying it out.

Xero is also a company that will work with accounting vendors to provide rates that are competitive when used in volume, so if you work with an accounting firm, they could bundle the price together with the services and give you a great rate for business users.


Benefit 3: Xero is supported by many accounting firms in Singapore

Xero is now supported by a large number of accounting firms in Singapore including Koh Management Pte Ltd and its affliated company K Cloud Accounting Pte Ltd.

We are keen on working with our current client base and also new clients who are starting up to try out this software that not only helps save time with the accountants but at the same time is able to help the entrepreneur to save cost and improve efficiency for running the business to maximize profits and bring prosperity to shareholders.


Koh Management & K Cloud Accounting are related companies that provide Xero Accounting Services for businesses that are keen to use Xero as their main accounting software for business running and for management related services. Visit :


Benefits of using Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software for your business

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