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Accounting Job

Accounting Job in Singapore

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Did you know that Singapore is planning to become an Accounting Hub for South East Asia , Asia and even the world.

This is the vision of the  Committee to Develop the Accountancy Sector (CDAS) “An accountancy sector marked by vibrancy and diversity of talent mix; thought leadership; globally recognised programmes for professional education and development; high value-add; and its overall contribution to Singapore’s economy.”

Accounting Job

With this in mind, many changes has been set in place to improve the accounting sector as a whole and also to increase the supply of qualified accountants to cater for this growth.

The Certified Public Accountant has been slowly phased out to welcome, the Charted Accounting (CA) Singapore title and there are programmes such as the Singapore Qualifying Programme. SQP hopes to bring in professionals from other sectors into the Accounting sector to help it grow and together with them bring ideas and concepts from other sectors.

The Accounting scene has since grew at a tremendous rate and with only about 1000 graduates from the Singapore universities , Accountants are of short supply and Accounting Job are in high demand.

As the Singapore Financial sector grows, the demand will constantly increase and as Singapore firms grow globally. We see an even larger growth potential!

Singapore is said to take over switzerland as the largest offshore wealth management country and together with it, global firms are setting their foot on our soil. And with the entrepreneurship push.

We look set to grow even more then before to become the epicentre of accounting and finance in the world and Asia.

Do contact us if you’re interested to take on the accounting job and be part of this growth and to be part of a competitive team of accountants to provide high quality service for customers from multiple sectors. And to grow a team of professionals with you or be part of a team growing with the company.

We look forward to hearing from you and your upcoming accounting executive job singapore!


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